150 Ankai electric buses put into operation in Haikou

150 Ankai electric buses were put into operation in Haikou, providing greener transport services for local residents. Wang Yanxiong, president of Haikou Public Transport Group, spoke highly of Ankai buses, saying his company has maintained close cooperative ties with Ankai.

Wang Yanxiong, president of Haikou Public Transport Group

According to Wang, his company introduced the first batch of Ankai new energy buses in 2012. Different from many land-locked cities in China, Haikou has heavy rainfalls the whole year around, which poses a big challenge for new energy vehicles. Despite this, Ankai buses have performed excellently. Thanks to the impressive performances of the new energy buses, Haikou Public Transport Group ordered 410 buses in 2016, including 110 clean energy buses, 150 electric buses and 150 diesel-fueled buses. Haikou has become one of the key markets for Ankai in south China.  

Source: http://english.anhuinews.com