Sanya: Yalong Bay Holiday Resort


Yalong Bay beachYalong Bay is considered without

doubt to be the best beach in Hainan and it is still relatively unknown to travelers outside of China.


It’s located about 30 km south east of Sanya city, (about 25 minutes along the new motorway), and there is no shortage of both national and international 5 star luxury hotels. 

Yalong Bay is crescent shaped with 7.5 km of beautiful white sandy beach, the water is clear and on a good day visibility can reach up to 8 to 10 meters. Coral reef and tropical fish along with waters that rarely drop below 20°c make this an ideal place for diving.

Water sports, tennis, rock climbing and shopping are some of the most popular tourist activities in the bay and for those who like to take things a little easier there are a number of world class golf courses. The adventurous types may like to consider some of the many hikes available, one of the most popular being a hike to Wuzhi Mountain with its magnificent rainforest scenery.     
Butterfly Valley is a wonderful exhibition where visitors can view thousands of butterflies up close in their natural environment, including some of the rarest butterflies in China, and it is well worth a visit.

The Sea Shell Museum in Central Plaza offers tourists a unique glimpse of life under the South China Sea. Visitors can appreciate the natural beauty of the coral, shell fish and tropical fish, and of course then there’s the souvenir shopping.  

Boasting internationally renowned hotels such as the Hilton, the Marriot or the Sheraton with world class conferencing facilities, Yalong Bay is fast becoming a popular destination for international conventions and forums.

As would be expected, fresh seafood is a specialty here and in the evening time the candle lit, beach side restaurants do a brisk trade.


A taxi ride from Sanya city to Yalong Bay will cost in the region of 50 Yuan.


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