China agrees to hire Filipino English language teachers, an end to foreign English teacher shortage?

China agrees to hire more Filipino English language teachers, is this an end to the foreign English teacher shortage?

April this year at the Bo’ao Forum for Asia in Hainan, China and the Philippines signed an agreement to hire more Filipino English language teachers, to make up for what is currently a shortfall in qualified foreign teachers in China.

The Philippines is for the most part an English speaking country and many teachers see the prospect of working in China, and particularly Hainan as a great opportunity for a better quality of life.

Teaching English in Hainan, they can earn up to three or even four times their salary back home.

The agreement which will come into effect this year is for two years and will thereafter be subject to review.

Philippine teachers will still have to overcome local prejudices where parents of students tend to favour white faced teachers from countries like the USA, the UK, and Canada.

Even though English is one of the Philippines official language and is the de facto language for business and law, in China, Filipino teachers are not generally considered native speakers.

All that may be about to change.