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Invitation to a photo walk around the Haikou Wetlands

Distinguished Sir/Madam,


As a token of our appreciation and gratitude for the hard work and contributions made by the international community to the development of Haikou as an international city, we are delighted to invite you to take part in a photo walk celebrating Haikou being recognized in the first worldwide batch of International Wetland Cities. So pick up your camera, drone or mobile phone and come join us! 


The event will be a celebration of Hainan's unique food culture and Haikou's beautiful wetlands.




Where and when: Saturday, January 5th 2019, from 08:30 to 13:30


Fee: Activity and Lunch are free.


 Bus pick up location: Outside the Construction bank on Longhua Road (the intersection of Longhua Road and Jinlong Road). Don't worry if you can't find it, a location will be sent through Wechat when we get a group together.





08:30 departure - 09:25 to Wei Gong tomb in Long Quan Town Haikou City.

Introduction to the wetlands history.


10:00 arrive in Wei Gong Yang Wetlands and an introduction to Hainan's ancient water conservation techniques.


11:00 bus back to the city and arrive at 12:00 for lunch (8thfloor) Zao Bo Cu Restaurant to experience hands-on making Hainan traditional dish, Zao Bo Cu.






To register please make sure you are following The Haikou Guide (scan the QR code below) then send a message to The Haikou Guide Wechat account with the information below. Here is an example.



Information required: (The following information is needed for insurance purposes only)


  1. Name,

  2. Gender,

  3. Nationality,

  4. Passport number,

  5. Work unit,

  6. Upper garment size for a T-shirt (small, medium, large or X-large). 



Attention: As this is an outdoor activity please take sunscreen and cold protection measures. Unfortunately there are limited places so it is on a first come first served basis. 


This event has been organized by the Haikou Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Haikou Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts, as a special thank you to the international community.





Flora Wu 15248956500

Ms Wu 18689885648


Yvonne Chen 13006033707



Published by the Haikou Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

 and the Haikou Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs 








Scan the QR code to follow The Official Haikou Guide

(c) Copyright HaikouGuide all rights reserved, images or text may not be copied in part or full without express permission in writing. For permission contact



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