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How to add a free event to the Hainan Forum

All members of the Hainan Forum have access to a range of free promotional tools to help advertise and promote their business, so here is a quick guide to one of them …. How to upload an event.



1) Login using your username and password.

 2) After you login you are taken to your home screen. There are quick links at the top of the page which will bring you to the latest Forums, Groups, and Photos etc…. 


Scroll down and you can see all the latest activities from your friends.


1)    3) On the bottom right hand corner there are a number of icons, mail, friends, and a + icon. Click the icon.



1)   4) A dialogue box will open, and you will be given the option to add new blogs, forum topics, photos and events etc. 

Click on the event tab.



1)   5) This will bring you to your event page where you add in the details of your upcoming event. Enter a title for your event and a description to let people know as much about your event as possible.  The more information you give people the better.


1)   6) Next, fill in the required fields …. All of these  MUST be filled in to proceed. 



1)  7) To add a photo click “Chose file” to locate a photo on your computer …. And add a title for your photo …. To add a second photo simply click on the + icon beside the “Chose file” button


1)  8) Next, chose who you want to be able to see your event, usually you should change this to public ….. Leave the rest of the settings unchanged. 


1)   Finally, click submit and you’re done. Happy posting J

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