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RV trip to Jian feng ling national forest park
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  •  Jake-canning: 

    Thanks Ben, really glad you liked the video. We actually went to Jian feng ling with shooting the natural beauty in mind but it was pouring with rain so had to adapt. This one is just a teaser, when we release the documentary, the Jian feng ling section will be much longer. Thanks again for the input, Jake. 


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  •  chinben: 

    I just watch it again. I like the background music. What you experienced is really funny.


    But I think you can focus more on the natural beauty of Jing Feng Ling and the real local culture, or upload a longer video.

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  •  chinben: 

    Really a nice video.

     16.08.20181 replies1 replies 
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15.08.2018 (250 days ago)
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