Haikou, Hainan Island, China

The Haikou Guide Online

The Haikou Guide

Published by the Haikou FAO and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Haikou People's Association for friendship with Foreign Countries, the Haikou Guide Online brings you up-to-date political & economic news, and business and cultural interest pieces along with all the latest developments in Haikou City, the cultural, business and communications capital of Hainan.

Why Rent Virtual Office Space in Haikou?

The majority of companies need to work with a partner in China to help develop their business projects.

Virtual offices offer alternative solutions to some of the problems companies will face in the initial stages of their project. They offer companies a presence on the ground, with access to administrative services and support staff, for a minimum of fuss and there’s no complex legal red tape to deal with. Businesses don’t have to worry about bank or personal guarantees.

They may be used for specific projects or contracts and are ideal for foreign companies who need local representation or SME's wishing to present a professional corporate image to a prospective client or business partner.