International port of Yangpu enters official operation

Yangpu Port is one of the busiest deep-water ports in Hainan Province, China. It is the main port serving the Yangpu Economic Development Zone, a rapidly developing industrial zone in north-west Hainan. Throughput will include paper, petrochemicals, large industrial and infrastructure construction project raw materials and equipment. The long term aim is to be a domestic and international container transit hub port for the China – ASEAN Free Trade Area. An investment of RMB2.3 billion saw the construction of three all weather 50,000-ton multi-purpose berths, long-term development of two 10-ton container berths with intelligent control systems. Berth depth -14.4 m, coastline length of 782 Meters, with a yearly design capacity of 650,000 standard containers.  
Facility Water Depth Capacity
General Bulk Berths 13.5 metres 10.5 million tons per year
Container Berths 14.4 metres 680,000 TEUs
Total Port Land: 93 hectares
Facilities Capacities
Berth Length 1,600 metres
Maximum Draft Up to 14.4 metres
Maximum Vessel Size 50,000 deadweight tonnes

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