Restrictions on motor vehicles in Sanya during the Boao forum for Asia

With the Boao forum for Asia 2018 conference about to be held in Boao from today April 8th to 11th, in order to reduce vehicle exhaust pollution and improve air quality,  Sanya city environmental air quality assurance program announced that in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, within the city of Sanya measures are been take to ban certain vehicles.

Prohibition times

(1) from 8 to 11 April, 2018, transportation vehicles such as earthmoving, concrete lorries, and diesel vehicles and trucks with high pollution emissions will be strictly prohibited.

(2) vehicles with a total mass of more than 10 tons or heavy trucks, carrying flammable explosive and toxic goods and vehicles with a total mass of 20 tons or above, with a length of more than 9 meters or freight vehicles and two axis semi-trailer are prohibited from the city.

Source: Hainan daily