Visas for Hainan

Visas & Travel Documents for Hainan Island

Do travellers need a visa to visit Hainan ?

Hainan is unique in all of China in that it offers a visa on arrival (landing visa) for independent travellers with a separate visa policy for groups of more than 5 people. Once you get the visa you are not restricted to staying in Hainan, that means you may travel to other parts of China and you can thereafter leave from any port of embarkation (i.e. sea and airport) as long as the visa hasn’t expired

Citizens of the following countries holding ordinary passports are exempt from a visa, if they travel to Hainan Province in a tourist group (more than five people inclusive) organized by an international travel agency registered in Hainan Province and approved by China National Tourism Administration, and also if their stay is not to exceed 30 days:

 Visas exemptions for Hainan IslandCitizens of those countries can enter Hainan Island for at most 21 days with a tourist group with 2 people or more.

Eligibility for visa on arrival

People from countries which have “diplomatic relations and official trade with China ” can apply for a 30 day tourist visa on arrival at Haikou and Sanya via sea or air. The procedure takes less than half an hour.

1) To find out which nationalities are eligible for landing visas call Haikou, Meilan airport visa office +86 89865751994 or Sanya Phoenix airport visa office +86 898 88289566

2) Visa offices in both airports are open 24 hours to facilitate collection of visas 

2) You'll need a valid passport

2) 2 passport photographs, i.e. head shots (preferably blue or white background)

3) Processing fee, this varies according to nationality and can range from USD $20 to $200, (cash only accepted)

4) It is also recommended that visitors have a second form of ID such as a photo driving licence in case one is required.)


Business Visa For Hainan

Foreigners from countries and regions which have established formal diplomatic relations or official trade relations with China could get a visa on their arrival at Haikou and Sanya, if they visit Hainan for business investigation, trade, investment negotiation, technical exchange, travel or they enter Hainan because of an emergency, and also if their stay is not to exceed 15 days.

Required materials for Visa on Arrival Application include as follows:

1) Passport or other international travel documents (original and hard copies);

2) Filled in application form for landing visa;

3) 2 passport photographs, i.e. head shots (preferably blue or white background)

4) Invitation letters or other supporting documents issued by organizing institutions (individuals) or tourist agencies (original and hard copies).

Please be aware that applying for a landing visa doesn't automatically mean that you can naturally obtain the visa.

Travelling to the mainland with a Hainan issued visa

The Hainan visa on arrival can be used to travel to the mainland and you can thereafter leave China from any port of embarkation (i.e. sea and airport) as long as the visa hasn’t expired. Note that if you have the original 30 day visa on arrival you CANNOT extend it outside Hainan . In practice, this means that you can visit China without a visa (subject to the eligibility rules above) as long as Hainan is your first port of arrival.

You must register with local police within 24 hours of arrival

If you intend to stay in hotels, staff will register you with the local police as a matter of procedure. If however you intend to travel independently, say on a cycling / camping holiday or if you intend to stay at some of the smaller family inns,  you MUST register yourself at each new destination. That's the law.