And they’re off …. Luoniushan signs strategic agreement with horse racing firm on Hainan sports project

Luoniushan unit signs strategic agreement with horse racing firm on sports and agro ecological project.

Their latest announcement says its equestrian club unit signed a strategic agreement with a Guangzhou-based horse racing firm on sports and agro-ecological project in Hainan.

Business scope:

Equestrian Club Leisure and Entertainment Services, Equestrian Technical Consulting Services; Equestrian Development, production, sales of sports and leisure products, development and production of hotel and hotel supplies, planning of public cultural activities such as art performances and competitions attended by the masses and more.

Project name:

Haikou City Luo Niushan International Horse Culture Industrial Park Project (tentative name, under the name of horse Cultural Industry Park)

Site selection:

Southwest Luoyangshan Farm, 118 Projects, Sanjiang Town, Haikou City, Hainan Province

Project Cooperation Program:

The project aims to integrate horse racing, education, leisure agriculture, sports and agricultural / ecological projects.

You can read the original in Chinese HERE