Announcement from Hainan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Experts from Hainan Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention suggest that patients with upper respiratory tract infection should be treated at home first.

On January 26th, Jin Yuming, chief physician for the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, announced that over the Spring Festival, if people who have not recently travelled to Hubei, had no contact with related patients, and who have not eaten wild animals, show symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, such as low fever, cough, runny nose, general discomfort and other atypical symptoms, they should first rest and treat their symptoms at home.

If their condition worsens, it is recommended that they drive to a fever clinic to see a doctor, try to avoid taking public transportation, and wear masks when visiting the medical institution, and clearly inform medical staff that they have no history of travelling to Hubei.

For people who have recently travelled to Hubei, have been exposed to wild animals and have symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, such as fever, cough, especially dry cough, general fatigue, pain and other symptoms, it is recommended that these people go to a fever clinic for treatment, and clearly inform the relevant medical personnel of their relevant history with the epidemic disease source.

In addition, they should also bring the relevant travel documents to and from Hubei to show medical staff so that they can make timely and accurate diagnosis and troubleshooting.

According to Jin Yuming, winter is flu season, if a person has no relevant epidemic history, most likely their fever and cough is a result of cold, rain and other seasonal conditions.

It is suggested that patients with mild symptoms should be treated at home as much as possible. If they need to go to the hospital for treatment if they are seriously ill, they should wear masks.

Jin Yuming stressed that at present, the focus of prevention and control of the new coronavirus is on preventing the virus from coming into the island.

The 22 confirmed cases in Hainan are all imported cases, with a clear contact history in Wuhan.

At present, Hainan is strengthening the prevention and control in an all-round strategy.

First, it is necessary to prevent and control imported cases, and require cities and counties to set up health management centers to collect Hubei residents from ports or other entry points to Hainan and transfer them to the health management center, arrange suitable living conditions, carry out professional disinfection treatment for waste and garbage, and carry out timely health monitoring.

At the same time, Hainan Province has also taken measures in non-proliferation.

One is isolation treatment for confirmed and suspected patients, and the other is 14 days medical observation for those who have had close contact with patients infected with new coronavirus.

Third, we will increase publicity and provide the public with relevant prevention and control information in a timely manner.

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