Auston power English activities day

本周英语角将在海南铭投拓展主题山庄(秀英区椰海大道靠近绿色长廊1公里处),7月25号周日下午4点举行。本次活动有卡丁车赛跑(6圈) 、射箭、空中漫步。英语角活动特价¥99/人(原价¥160)。活动结束后如果想要继续玩的朋友可以一起唱歌、 玩狼人杀、真心话大冒险、 晚餐¥50/人(团餐十个菜)。欢迎邀请朋友一起来玩。记得相互转告!准时参加~

Austonpower English Corner is going to take place at Hainan Mingtou Outdoor Training Theme Villa ( at Yehai Ave, 1km next to the Green Corridor in Xiuying district).  Activities include: Go-kart racing (6laps), artery, sky roaming. Our English promotional deal is ¥99/pp ( originally ¥160) . After the games, those who would like to continue for more fun can join us for singing, playing werewolves, spinning the bottles and having a dinner together ¥50/pp (Banquet: 10 courses). Welcome to join us and please share this invitation out to friends who might be interested. See you all this Sunday!!


To sign up, please scan the QR code below to book and leave a note with your names of the candidates (The dinner will be served at 7pm, pay according to your signed up activities by schedule). And don’t forget to list your names in our group as well for confirmation.

联系方式-Contact:13907538548 (微信与手机同号)