BOAO International Hospital appoints Gregg L. Semenza, winner of Lasker Award, as chief scientist

The BOAO International Hospital has appointed Gregg L. Semenza, winner of the world-class medical Lasker Award, as its chief scientist.

Gregg L. Semenza is the C. Michael Armstrong professor of pediatrics, radiation oncology, biological chemistry, medicine, and oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He serves as the director of the vascular program at the Institute for Cell Engineering. He is a 2016 recipient of the Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research. He is known for his discovery of HIF-1, which allows cancer cells to adapt to oxygen-poor environments.

The Lasker Awards have been awarded annually since 1945 to living persons who have made major contributions to medical science or who have performed public service on behalf of medicine. 

The awards are sometimes referred to as “America’s Nobels”. Lasker Award has gained a reputation for identifying future winners of the Nobel Prize. Eighty-six Lasker laureates have received the Nobel Prize, including 32 in the last two decades.

According to the hospital, “Semenza will help introduce high-level talent and advance frontier research in biology, genetics and genomics to seek more cures to benefit more Chinese patients,” the hospital said.

Semenza said he was happy to provide his research techniques in stem cell therapy.

The Boao International Hospital is located in the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone. In 2013, China introduced a batch of favorable policies to accelerate the development of the pilot zone, including fast approval of imported medical apparatus and medicine.