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The Haikou Guide

Notice on Carrying out Regional Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) in Meilan District

During joint prevention and control work of novel coronavirus with other provinces, abnormal nucleic acid test results were found from residents of Haikou's Meilan District.

From 6:00pm tonight, Haikou will implement 7 days of temporary control measures

The Haikou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters have made the decision to implement 7 days of temporary control measures beginning from 6:00pm on July 9th.

How to book business class ferry tickets from Haikou to mainland

Good news, since June 1st, Haikou Xinhai Port has opened a new ferry link to Xuwen Port on the mainland just for cars and passengers

Primary and secondary school summer holidays 2022 announced

A burning question that’s been on the minds of parents, students, and teachers alike recently, "when will the primary and secondary school students have their holiday?"

Where to buy your zongzi in Haikou

Everyone in Old Town Haikou knows Dongmen Market. It is one of the largest and oldest traditional farmers market in old Haikou and it is known locally as the place to go to for dry goods.  

Haikou West Coast Renovation Project to open by end of May

From the end of May, Haikou residents will see a brand-new landscape and brand new atmosphere all along the West Coast.

Wenchang to become commercial space hub

Wenchang International Aerospace City is accelerating efforts to establish a commercial launch site and rocket assembly plants

China to conduct asteroid deflection test and draft planetary defence plan

China aims to alter the orbit of a potentially threatening asteroid with a kinetic impactor test as part of plans for a planetary defence system.

Look out, look out, the thrips are about!

In Hainan, thrips are commonly found (amongst other places), on the hanging branches of the banyan tree and appear in large numbers when the air is humid

Bees swarm residents house in Meilan district. Alert, it’s active bee season!

Bees are very toxic and can in severe cases can cause death. The best thing to do is to call 119 and wait for firefighters to deal with them

China to carry out 6 space missions in 2022 to complete space station

China will carry out six space missions in 2022 to complete the in-orbit construction of China's space station

School resumption time for Sanya has been announced

The resumption of classes in kindergartens, vocational schools, and training institutions in Sanya City will be carried out in accordance with the principle of "zoning and batching".
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