China to Support Horse Racing, Sports Lotteries in Hainan

China to Support Horse Racing, Sports Lotteries in Hainan

China is to support the development of horse racing and other projects including beach and water sports in Hainan, according to a reform agenda and announced in the official Xinhua News Agency Saturday. The province should also “explore the development of sports lottery and instant lottery on large-scale international games,” it said.

“Horse racing has grown quickly in China in recent years, but it’s the first time the central government has promoted the game for a city and simultaneously encouraged further development of sports lottery,” said Su Guojing, chairman of China Lottery Industry Salon, a business group. “Although it still takes time to explore, Hainan may try to launch a lottery for more sporting events, including horse racing and rowing, to help boost Hainan’s tourism.”

The moves were part of a package of reforms unveiled while President Xi Jinping visited the island, which is often called “China’s Hawaii.” Hainan will set up a trial free-trade zone, adopt more open duty-free shopping policies, boost the number of international flights, and prioritize tourism, medical services and the financial sector.

Sectors to open up to further foreign investment include healthcare, education, sports, communications, internet, culture and finance.