Emergency notice from Hainan Provincial Department of Education

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection, effectively promote social distancing measures, block the spread of the epidemic, and better ensure the safety of people’s lives and health, on February 1st, the Hainan Provincial Department of Education issued an emergency notice on delaying the starting times of all types of schools at all levels for the spring semester of 2020, requiring Hainan schools to not start before February 24th.

The affected teaching curriculum will be made up for and some high school activities will be adjusted accordingly.

The Provincial Department of Education requires that schools at all levels (including off campus training institutions) shall not arrange for students to return to school before February 24th, and shall not hold any off campus teaching activities, training activities, or collective activities, etc.

If the delay in opening schools results in a failure to complete the required shool tasks during class hours, the Provincial Department of Education will make up for the teaching plans affected by adjusting the school calendar and other methods.

The Provincial Department of Education has also stated that some of the annual high school activities in Hainan have also been postponed accordingly:

First, high school student’s mock college entrance examination from February 14th to 16th will be postponed accordingly, the new time will be announced later;

Second, the physical examination for the college entrance examination for senior high school students which was originally scheduled to be completed by February 28th will be delayed.

The education administrative department of each city and county must organize the college examination after the epidemic situation is resolved.

The completion time will be postponed accordingly.

The specific time will be announced later.

Each hospital shall adjust the schedule for physical examinations, and inform the relevant middle schools and candidates to follow up in an orderly manner.

Third, after the spring semester begins, all internship activities for students in all secondary vocational schools will be suspended and resumed in due course depending on the development of the epidemic.


Schools all over the province should make plans to achieve “no suspension of classes.”

The notice requires that the administrative departments of education in each city and county should formulate specific plans to accommodate the delay in school work in accordance with the actual situation, and guide and help schools in effective epidemic prevention and control plans, as well as education and teaching during the delay.

Primary, secondary schools and vocational schools should adjust teaching plans according to actual situation, provide online learning courses, guide students to organise their study and home life, answer questions and provide guidance so as to achieve “minimum disruption to classes.”

The Provincial Department of Education will provide free online courses for each semester and subject during the delay period for primary and secondary school students in the province to study independently.

Specific arrangements will be announced shortly.

Colleges and universities should make full use of national and provincial high-quality online courses or other online high-quality education curriculum resources, carry out online teaching and guidance, and create conditions for students to access online learning.


According to the notice, the Provincial Department of Education has specified several conditions for “no school opening”:

First, no school shall open before the high-risk period of the epidemic is over;

Second, no school shall open with inadequate preparation of prevention and control materials;

Third, no school shall open with inadequate preparation of emergency response plan and relevant facilities.

The Provincial Department of education stressed that after the issuance of this notice, the municipal and county education administrative departments as well as all schools at all levels should inform all teachers and students in their jurisdiction of the relevant requirements as soon as possible, effectively increase guidance and supervision, and set up consultation and reporting by telephone.

In the case of any violation of the above requirements, the relevant responsible persons who fail to act or delay the work shall be severely investigated and punished.

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