Exclusive interview, Didac Lee FC Barcelona and Mr. Tenniel Chu VC Mission Hills Group

Exclusive interview, Didac Lee FC Barcelona and Mr. Tenniel Chu Vice Chairman Mission Hills Group

The Barca Experience Haikou Exhibition Center, inaugurated on November 18, 2018, is an interactive museum featuring exhibits which detail the past, present, and future of the legendary club.

The Tropicalhainan was given exclusive access to the exhibition center, and interviewed Mr. Didac Lee FC Barcelona boardmember and Mr. Tenniel Chu, the Vice Chairman of the Mission Hills Group.

A joint venture between the Mission Hills Group and FC Barcelona, the Barca Experience is the first of its kind outside of Barcelona.

Mr. Didac Lee FC Barcelona Board member.

The Barca Experience is not the only result of cooperation between FC Barcelona and Mission Hills, as the club also operates Barca Academy Pro, a football training camp aimed at teaching the youth of China FC Barcelona's unique play style and ethos.

Attendees of the Exhibition Center's inauguration were as follows: Government leaders from Hainan, Members of the CFA, Ken Chu and Tenniel Chu of the Mission Hills Group, Didac Lee, Oscar Grau, and former Barca stars Eric Abidal and Juliano Belletti.


The Barcelona exhibition center is located on the 3rd floor of the main entrance to Mission Hills Centerville, opposite the fountain.


Bus numbers:K2, K3

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