First medical relief supplies arrive in Hainan

The Hainan Provincial Bureau of International Economic Development mobilises global resources to help with new coronavirus outbreak.

In the recent campaign to prevent and control the new coronavirus epidemic, medical supplies in Hainan’s cities and counties have been under serious strain.

Over the Spring Festival holiday, they successively cooperated with cities and counties of Sanya, Baoting, Dongfang, Ledong, Ding’an, Qiongzhong, and Haikou, to help import overseas materials such as masks, gloves, and protective clothing.

In response to the fact that the relevant municipalities and counties did not all have a professional team experienced in importing materials, the Bureau worked closely with the Provincial Department of Commerce, Alibaba Hainan Branch and contacted Kerry Chase for customs clearance and logistics distribution.

Many countries have imposed restrictions on the export of certain materials such as masks and protective clothing, which resulted in some materials failing to clear customs.

The Bureau negotiated through the embassy offices of the Chinese embassies in the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, Kazakhstan and other countries to assist in the clearance of materials.

They also contacted international companies and communities to donate medical supplies to Hainan.

South Korea’s SK Group donated 50,000 KF95 masks to the Hainan Red Cross Society to help in the epidemic prevention and control work.

The above materials will arrive in Haikou within five days.

The Hunan Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates and Hunan Taste King Group Co., Ltd. donated 35,000 medical masks, 40,000 sets of biochemical clothing, and 1,000 pairs of medical goggles to the Hainan Red Cross.

At the Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, the bureau coordinated customs clearance with the provincial commerce department. The system was passed and the materials were cleared today.

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