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I'm Jake, a British photographer on Hainan island, currently living in the capital city, Haikou. I have been living on Hainan island for two years now and devoted my time to travelling around the island documenting life with a camera, I also shoot video, you can see some of my videos on the homepage. I have travelled to every county on the island and been to some of the most exclusive parts, which most tourists don't get to see.

If you're coming to Hainan get in touch, I'll be happy to point you in the right direction

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  Liao's Song for You Appreciation meeting of Chinese art songs Liu Yuwen will be singing in co-operation with Tanaka on the piano Organizer: Beijing Glorious Opera troupe, outsider space When: May 18, 2019, at 8 o'clock Admission Fee: 120 RMB/person (including tea) Venue: No. 68th Zhongshan Road, O…
18.05.2019 18:00
Square Out Space - 68th Zhongshan Road, Old Street, Haikou. 海口市骑楼老街中山路68号方外空间, Haikou, China
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Ju Ren Waterfall Hainan 居人瀑布  The Ju ren waterfall is 20 metres high, has a width of around 10 metres and the main pool covers an area of around 300 metres squared. The area has recently been under development, footpaths, viewing platforms and bridges h
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I am just trying to know how to use this stuff. Because I still don’t get familiar with now.
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Thanks Ben, really glad you liked the video. We actually went to Jian feng ling with shooting the natural beauty in mind but it was pouring with rain so had to adapt. This one is just a teaser, when we release the documentary, the Jian feng ling section will be much longer. Thanks again for the input, Jake. 


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Things to do in Dongfang - 517 hostel, fish market, beach and roast pig Last weekend, myself and Patrick from visited Dong fang on a mission to unlock more destinations to visit and provide useful information on how to get there, pric
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If OFO would like to sponsor me and the price is right, I'll happily ride one to Wuzhishan

Getting around Hainan - OFO bike's    To the best of my knowledge, the OFO bike's have probably been around China for about 2 years now and they're the yellow bikes that you will see when walking around, there are also, Hello bike and Mo bike, I'm guessing
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