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Round Hainan Road Trip
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2 guys, 2 bikes, 2 weeks on the road round the beautiful tropical island of Hainan

The "Round Hainan Road Trip" is about getting off the beaten track and exploring Hainan Island from a people and culture perspective. We'll explore some of the history & culture of the island but also take a look at modern Hainan, from new energy development to environmental projects to new sporting developments and whatever else pops up along they way

It started out initially as a photography project but grew to include video / web documentary with Haikou TV Station coming on board. We hope to discover new and interesting places and personalities but also revisit some of the old familiars.

We'll update the blog regularly with photos and stories as we make our preparations and get on the road and we'd love to hear your suggestions, ideas and comments as we go around the Island.

You can comment here directly on our timeline, leave comments on individual blog posts or email us at You can also click "Subscribe" to get automatic updates on posts & comments.
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A question I have been asked quite a few times by visitors is “where can I see the Miao Minority”? To which I usually answer, “Everywhere, Haikou, Sanya, Qionghai etc… they’re all around you going about their daily business” The question visitors really wa
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Summer 2016, both Jake Canning and I decided to go on a round Hainan road trip by motorbike, 14 locations in 14 days. Although I have lived in Hainan for close to nine years now, it’s safe to say that there are still many, many places left to explore. One
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Coming down the mountain
This is the route we took down from the Mountains in Baoting, we rode on these roads for around 15km all the way down on our way to Wuzhishan (one of Hainans largest mountains). The roads were empty and smooth, it was definately the best ride of the trip. It was very differnt to our accent up the mountain as I had taken a wrong turn and we went up an old dirt track which hadn't been used in 15 years, once we had arrived in the village everyone knew that we were the guys that just did the old dirt track on motorbikes. I'm glad we went the wrong way! It was a great expereience and gained us a little credit in the village before we arrived.

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