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王江 Exhibits Scenes from Hainan in HMP's Visual Artist Series


The evening of June 27th, 王江 exhibited his collection of works over the past few years as part of Hainan Music Productions Visual Artist Series. Attended by a mixture of art lovers from across the world, 王江 treated the crowd to a glimpse into his creative process, some of his techniques while painting, and his former teachers speaking about their time with 王江 and what they enjoyed about his work. According to the artist, this exhibition was the first time that all of his works had been exhibited in the same space.

The artist's work has been primarily focused on scenes from Hainan Island, with features being his large format works, including Grandma and Waiting.

Photos of the exhibition can be found here. 

Hainan Music Productions would like to thank our major sponsors- Cheery Brewery, Preshares, and Fullsing Town- for their support of the arts in Haikou. All photo credits are to Jake Canning of .


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