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A 外国人 In Hainan

Thursday, Jake Canning featured the local people of Hainan Island in his first exhibition in China, Faces of Hainan. Throughout the three hour event in Fullsing Town, foreign and local attendees alike were treated to a variety of stories captured visually by Mr. Canning- the hospitality of Li roofbuilders, the fear and excitement of children, and the colorful traditions of the JunPo Festival.


During the event, attendees were treated to local craft beer as well as a conversation with Mr. Canning, in which he described his adventures travelling the island. Highlighted were his experiences in starting his own photographic journey, almost being attacked by a dog on a houseboat, and conversing with one of the only women still teaching traditional Li pottery making. He had one piece of advice for those in attendance: Visit the island. Take photographs. Explore Hainan. 


Hainan Music Productions would like to thank the sponsors of Faces of Hainan for making this event possible: Cheery Brewery, Fullsing Town, Preshares, and Tropical Hainan. All photo credits are to Patrick Quinn of


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