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A night at the Hainan opera in photos

Last week, I went to visit the Hainan opera on Haidian island. The decision to go was last minute and I wasn't feeling very well that day, but I had to go, for me photographing the Hainan opera has been on my photography bucket list for a while. The Hainan opera likes to just pop up every now and then in different neighbourhoods, I'm sure the locals know when it's on, but for the foreigners it's usually a last minute message in one of the wechat groups, for me it was in the Hainan foreigners & cat's group, if you're new to Hainan and would like to join this group, please let me know and I can add you in. So feeling quite sick that day, given 30 minutes notice before start time, I was off.

The Hainan opera is also how I came to work for, It was just over a year ago and I had a random add on wechat from a Patrick Quinn who is the CEO of, looking through his profile I noticed some photo's from the Hainan opera and I asked if I could buy them to print (still not done it) partly the reason behind this post, is that I've just ordered a bunch of prints tonight and it reminded me of this.... so of course he was delighted there was another foreign photographer on the island and we went for a coffee, actually that's another blog post in itself, I'll save that one for another time............

If you would like to see Patrick Quinn's Hainan opera photo's which are what first pulled my attention to the link is here

This post is primarily photo's, I will be back and plan to update this post in the future with some information on what the Hainan opera is all about. I spent around 1 hour 30 minutes at the opera and as you can see below, I focused more on backstage than what was happening on the stage, for me this was more interesting

More information and photo's on the Hainan opera here






















Hainan opera

by Jake Canning

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