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Haikou restaurants - Food fix 1 - Simply Yummy

I have decided to start food fix, which is a weekly blog showcasing some of my favourite restaurants and food places around Hainan, showing you where they are and how to get there, with some photo's of what's on offer.

This article is about Simply yummy, which is a western style restaurant, serving: Pizza, burgers, steak, spaghetti, sandwiches, juices, cakes and more

Simply yummy, has three locations in Haikou one is in Guomao, one at Mova and another way out west at Yuan da gou, this article will feature the one at Mova shopping centre.

So why would I go there? well It's cheap, the food is fresh, portions are big (I can eat a lot) and there's a large variety, I'm no food connoisseur and I'm not going to start pretending to be, so I will keep the articles quite basic.

So why would I feature a western style restaurant living in China when Chinese food is amazing? Sometimes you just need a break, whether you're the hardcore expat of 15+ years or a tourist who has been here a few days and not quite used to the local food here. For me going to Simply yummy is a little break from the norm and a little fix of some of the foods I can get back in England  

So where is it?

Chinese: 日月广场  Ri yue guang chang  or Mova

Here's the one in Guomao

上邦百汇城 shang bang bai hui cheng, just down the road from the mcdonalds.

Here's the one out west of Haikou, closer to holiday beach

 远大购物中心 yuan da gou wu zhong xin

As always a map showing you where it is in Haikou - this is the location of the shopping mall

Simply yummy is situated on the south eastern corner of the mall, X marks the spot!


Below is the north eastern entrance to the shopping mall and where starbucks is, walk in through this entrance, stay on the ground floor, keep to your left and walk right to the back, you will see KFC and simply yummy is next to KFC and pizza hut

Opening hours

Simply yummy entrance, next to pizza hut

Simply yummy has outdoor and indoor seating, indoor also has air conditioning. Sometimes they have a band playing outside, usually in the evenings around 6pm

A little of the menu - Most dishes are around 40-50 yuan and there are some higher priced dishes such as steak for around 100 yuan, snacks are around 35 yuan. They offer packages for small groups which you can find on the menu.

There's also a small collection of foreign beers - Vedett is 20 yuan a bottle which isn't bad, some places around here are 30+

They have desserts - Considering the size of my belly, you would think I ate a lot of these. But I don't have a sweet tooth, so I wouldn't be able to tell you if they're any good 

I like simply yummy for consistency in food taste and presentation, whether you go to the one in Guomao or Mova, the food will be the same, It also looks like the photo on the menu. Not like some places when the burger on the photo looks like a whopper and arrives at your door looking like the delivery man has just dragged it 10km through a field, but that's a different story and I won't name and shame

Here's my burger, salad and drink

A photo of the kitchen

...and a cool sign!

For anyone that can't make it to the one in Mova, here's the address of the one in Guo mao

上邦百汇城 shang bang bai hui cheng


All photo's are mine





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