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Getting around Hainan - OFO bikes

Getting around Hainan - OFO bike's 


To the best of my knowledge, the OFO bike's have probably been around China for about 2 years now and they're the yellow bikes that you will see when walking around, there are also, Hello bike and Mo bike, I'm guessing the sign up process and how to use them is very similar to OFO. The bikes are fairly comfortable to ride, providing you're not competing in an Ironman or going cross country, but they're great for getting around the city or a ride through the park. My experience riding the OFO bikes is just enough so that I could write this article. 

This was my first time using the OFO bikes, so my first time signing up on the APP (which is in Chinese) Follow the guide below to learn how to sign up on the OFO bike APP, how to set up WeChat wallet and using the bikes 

What you will need to set up 

- A phone with internet access 

- Wechat / Alipay 

- OFO bike APP 

- Money in your bank or on your WeChat account 

- A Passport 

- A mobile phone number


To sign up you will need to put down a 99 yuan deposit and to use the bikes charge your OFO APP with money 

In this guide I will show you how to sign up to the APP using WeChat, if you already have a bank card connected to WeChat or have money in your WeChat wallet, then you can skip this part 


Step 1 - open WeChat and open the 'me' section circled below, then click on 'wallet' also circled 


Step 2 When in wallet, this will show your balance, to add a new bank card, click on 'cards' circled (Balance is blanked out so you don't laugh, there's really not that much in there)

Step 3 - Click on add bank card, then follow the instructions on screen, the process is quite simple the only part people struggle with is the name on the account. Sometime's the banks here will write your name in the wrong order, which is usually the way it will appear on your passport. If you are unsure of how your name is registered, you will need to go to the bank and check 

Now your bank card is connected, you can now go back to the 'wallet' page on WeChat and charge your WeChat wallet with money from your bank account. Click 'balance' and then 'top-up' 



If you do not wish to connect a bank card to your WeChat, you could always ask a friend to transfer you some money, see below 

In a chat, click the + icon and then 'transfer' this money will then go into your Wechat wallet 

Ok, so now you have money in your account or a way of paying, download the OFO APP 


Step 1 - Enter your mobile number in here


Step 2 - enter the code, that has just been sent to your messages 



This part is now asking for a Chinese I.D, to use your passport, click on the circled part below 


This is for your passport details
First line is for your name (enter as it appears on your passport) Second line is for your passport number 

The photo on the left you need to upload a photo of your passport info and photo page, the photo on the right upload a photo of your red entry stamp into China 

**make sure the photo's that you upload are clear, the first time I tried signing up, my application was denied as a photo was a little out of focus 


This part is to pay your deposit of 99 yuan. When you first open the APP the only option to pay will be Alipay, if you want to use WeChat pay, click the little arrow below alipay to reveal WeChat pay 


As soon as your deposit is paid and your documents are accepted on this page of the APP, under your mobile number you will see a green tick, this means that you can now use the bikes 


Now you will need to add funds to your OFO account, look at the yellow symbol in the photo above, the one between the green and the red one, click that and it will take you to this page below 

The option highlighted in yellow is 20 yuan for a 1-month card and the other options are top-up for single use. Below those are the options for payment, Alipay and WeChat 

Now you're ready ride 

On the main page of the APP, you will see a map, this show's the location of all the bikes in your area, if you click on one of the yellow dots it will also calculate the quickest route to that bike 


Once you have found a bike, scan the QR code which is on the rear bumber card or at the front of the bike, you will also need to turn on your bluetooth 


The bike will unlock and you're ready to go, when you're finished riding the park, park it up and lock the wheel at the rear (shown below) This will automatically, stop the timer on the APP and end the service 


I am a little unsure of the cost of the OFO bikes for when riding around, I do know you're charged 1 yuan each time you unlock one. I don't believe they are expensive, when they first came out I heard around 1 yuan per hour although I could be wrong, if you know please let me know and I will update the article









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    great post, I always wanted to know how to used them, why does it have to be so complicated though?

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    So we can expect to see you OFOing to Wuzhishan in the near future?

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