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Jiuwentang Cold Spring


    Every holiday I come back in Hainan, especially when it is too hot, I will find my way to Longmen Cold Spring (we also call it Jiuwentang Cold Spring). It’s one of the three cold spring in China (the other two are Jilin Province Changbai Mountain Cold Spring and Heilongjiang Wudalianchi).

quite easy to locate it on your phone in a map application


The water is much cool when it’s hot. While it’s cold, the water feels warm. Most of the circumstance, people will go there when it hot with a capital “H”.


On one hand my home is near Longmen Cold Spring, which just needs about 45min motorcycle’s driving, on the other hand it’s Spring Festival—a great holiday to travel around with family. When it’s above 30 degree Celsius, we do choose such a good method to cool ourselves. But later, we are somehow regretful arriving there and seeing so many visitors!!!




Usually, I can sit on the volcanic lava in the shade of the tree and keep quiet with my feet in the water, fish will come and bite the horn on the surface of my feet. I enjoy wearing my earphone and listening to my favorite songs at the same time. Looking around the countryside view, all I hope is that this happiness last longer. What a halcyon moment. But it’s only in my imagination this time. I have no alternative with the crowd here.



Choosing an appropriate time is of significant importance at least for me.


The water is iced cold, and you can bring your snacks there. If you want you can even take a bath there (considering it as a tub lol).


Until now, it’s a place free of charge. However, it’s a little remote in the countryside. In short, the basic needs can be satisfied.



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    Hi Chinben, nice post, Thanks for sharing. I'd like to visit and write an article on it. Can you send me the name in Chinese please so I can find it on Baidu maps. Thank you ...

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