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Things to do - Plunge pool - Ri yue wan

Things to do - Plunge pool - Ri yue wan

In this blog post, I will show you how to get to the plunge pool/waterfall at Ri yue wan (sun moon bay). If you haven't already been to Ri yue wan, follow the link below for a little information on Ri yue wan and how to get there

 The plunge pool/waterfall is 5.3 km from the hotel featured in the article above, I have been to 4 different waterfall's around Hainan island and this is by far the easiest to get too, the waterfall is small but it's worth going to jump into the water from the rocks. The water is around 2.5-3 metres deep in the centre and 1 metre around the edge. The water is quite clear but this depends on the weather. There is also a shop 1-2km away from the waterfall, shown at T- section below

If you don't have a car and don't fancy doing the 10.6km return trip, I would ask around the surf clubs, see who has a car or motorcycle to take you up there, obviously pay them!


Leave the hotel and turn right

Front view of hotel

View from inside hotel

Go straight along this road

Go over the motorway bridge

Turn left here, just before the rock

Keep going

Turn right here

Stay on the road, do not turn off

Over this bridge

You will come to this T- section with shops on the left hand side, turn left here and stay on this road

Keep going

Keep going until you see this house on your right hand side, it's on a slight hill and this small car parking area is opposite the house, the waterfall is also opposite the house on your left

Entrance to waterfall

Walk down here - be careful of the slippery rocks and pipes

You have reached your destination, now have fun


Please take away all of your rubbish and throw it in a bin


Any questions, feel free to get in touch via the comment section below

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