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Things to do in Haikou - Holiday beach hot spring


Things to do in Haikou – Holiday beach hot springs and pool





I have been living in Haikou two years and this is one of those spots that ,I wish I would of found earlier, this always happens to me. I have a pool in my community but It’s nothing compared to what’s on offer at the holiday beach hot springs. Most community pools will cost around 15-20 RMB to use and are very basic. The Holiday beach hot spring and pool is 38 yuan and this gives you access to the pool and around 20 - 30 hot spring pools


Cost: 38 yuan per person and 10 yuan for lockers

Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:30


Where is it?


Address for  taxi: 假日海滩游泳时 Jia ri hai tan you yong shi – Holiday beach swimming pool


It’s right next to holiday beach, on Bin hai da dao 滨海大道 which is perfect as you can kill two birds with one stone




There is a bus stop right in front of the entrance to the beach, pictured below – The bus stop you want to get off at is 假日海滩站



Bus numbers: 78, 86, 4, 6, 28, 35, 37, 40, 57,



Here is the ticket office and entrance



You can’t swim naked, if you forgot your speedo’s you can buy them from the ladies or shops outside the hot spring


No cat’s allowed



There are lockers in the changing room which cost 10 RMB and you will need to set a code, in the changing rooms there is an attendant on site and bathrooms and showers are reasonably clean. Lockers are small and could fit a small backpack in.


There are also drinks and snacks for sale on site 


There is this pool, which snakes around the whole complex and is 1.4 metres deep, there is also shaded spots and the edge next to the fence is great for people watching. I went at lunch time when it was around 37 degrees outside and it was cool enough to relax because of the sea breeze



There’s a slide



There are around 20-30 different hot springs, some are shaded and under the coconut tree’s. Hot springs are clean




This pool is 2 metres deep and by the looks of it around 30 metres long, there is also starting blocks (if they’re called something different please let me know) there is also a life guard on site






I like the Holiday beach hot springs because it’s affordable and close to the beach, it’s great as you get a nice sea breeze coming in






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