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Things to do in Hainan - Ju ren waterfall

Ju Ren Waterfall Hainan 居人瀑布 

The Ju ren waterfall is 20 metres high, has a width of around 10 metres and the main pool covers an area of around 300 metres squared. The area has recently been under development, footpaths, viewing platforms and bridges have now been placed along the river.

The waterfall is located in Ling gao county, which is situated to the West of Haikou. From Guomao (downtown Haikou) to the waterfall is 69km, this is if you take the expressway. The best means of travel to getting to the waterfall would be by car. If you don't have a car, then it's not entirely out of reach.  


Not travelling by car, then you could take the train from Haikou East railway station to Lin gao South station. The trains leave Haikou every hour, and it takes 35 minutes to reach Ling gao South station, a ticket will cost you around 24 yuan for a second-class seat, according to at the time of writing this article. 

Once you arrive at Ling gao South station you will need to take a taxi to the waterfall, from the station to the mud road entrance (mud road entrance is shown below) it's around 13km and should take approximately 15 minutes. 


Search for 居人瀑布 ju ren pu bu on Baidu maps for an exact location, follow this link for Baidu maps

Entrance to mud road - from this point it's around 2km to the watefall 


Other than the waterfall there isn't much else to do around the area, most of the area is still under development, the waterfall is perfect for a stop while on a road trip to somewhere else. There is a parking area at the entrance to the waterfall and a restaurant that serves roast pig and some basic dishes. I would advise stocking up on water and snacks before hitting the mud path, just in case the restaurant is closed during the offseason.  

Interested in visiting another waterfall in Hainan then check out the plunge pool in Ri yue wan, Wanning, click the link below to be re-directed to another post with complete directions on how to get there. Photo of plunge pool shown below






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