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How to get a Chinese driving licence.

How to get a Chinese driving licence if you already have a license from your home country

In this blog post I'll share my experience of transferring my licence into a Chinese one and outline the process in doing so. Firstly I'll start by saying, take a Chinese friend with you unless your Chinese is good, it will make the procces much easier, even with this guide, having a poor level of Chinese will just make things difficult. Obivously you can take the test in English, this is just for navigating around the test centre and filling in paperwork

Having passed my car driving test, and truck driving test first time in the U.K with a few minor points on the test. I went into the test feeling confident, having said that the first test I failed by 2 points, prior to the test I had spent a total of around 6 hours revising the practice questions on, I passed on the second attempt with 91/100. Required score to pass the test is 90% out of 100 questions, so I just scraped the line. It is worth putting in some hours of revision in beforehand, as the test centre isn't exactly close to the centre of Haikou, where I am guessing most people that will read this live and you don't want to be dragging yourself out there a 2nd and 3rd time

Anyways enough of my life story, here is the proccess in transferring your driving licence into a Chinese one.............

There are two stages

1. First initial visit to test centre to get all documents checked (documents listed below)

2. Second visit after having documents approved, do a quick medical and then do the test

*it is possible to do both stages in 1 day, if you go on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, I believe the centre opens at 8am and you will need an hour or so running around getting documents sorted




Documents you will need for stage 1

1. Passport and an A4 photocopy of it

2. Driving licence and a translated copy of it by an official translation company (I would reccomend using the one below)

3. Proof of residency ( this is the white piece of paper you get from a police station when you register where you live)

*make a4 photocopies of everything and also take originals, you never know! (photocopies can be made at test centre, see location below cost 2 yuan per copy)


Driving licence translation

Get your licence translated by Marian, you can contact Marian by email and wechat

Wechat: MarianR


Translation rates: 75 USD or whatever the RMB currency exchange at time of reading is... other currencies accepted include: beef jerky, oatmeal raisin cookies and homemade chocolate brownies

Hand in the documents

When you have all these documents, you will need to go to the test centre and hand them in, when you arrive at the test centre, go to Building 1 room 304, hand in your documents and leave a mobile phone number, the test centre will then check over your documents and give you a call when you can come in and do the test. see map, address and photo's below

Test centre address: 海口市交警支队灵山综合服务中心

Map showing, where test centre is in relation to downtown. Test centre is green circle, downtown (guomao red)

Building 1 is indicated by the green circle (taxis are not allowed to drive to the back of the test centre, so they may just drop you at the gate)


Look out for this sign off the main road, this is the turning to the test centre, from this point it is 1km

Photocopies can be made at building 4, which is next to building 1


This is the entrance to building 1

End of stage 1


Stage 2 - Medical and test

Take all documents from stage 1

When the test centre call you to say you can come and do your test, you will need to go on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, get there early as you can, as there is a lot of running around getting paperwork checked

1. You will need to do a medical on the second floor which consists of an eye examination, color blind test and they ask if you have any dieseases, this costs 20 yuan. Before you do a medical you will be given a piece of paper by the medical examinar to fill out your details, get this on the second floor in the medical room

2. Get some passport photos next to the medical room, 6 photo's for 10 rmb

Medical check room, passport photo's are next door and they're both located on the second floor of building 1

Once medical is complete and you have your 6 passport photo's you will go back downstairs to desk number 12, get paperwork checked again, go to another desk, check again and once approved go to another desk to pay for your test You will need to take a bank card they do not accept cash!

Almost there...........................

You are now ready to sit the test, which is on the second floor, go upstairs and wait in the waiting room. Don't worry if there's alot of people sat waiting, around 90 people can do the test at once

Once ready they will call everyone into another room. Here's a tip, get in there first and sit right at the front, they call you row by row to check your paperwork. After a quick briefing you will go into the test room and sit your test ..... Finally!

Sit the test, if you pass go out and collect your paperwork from the desk outside, if you fail ask if you can do it again or come back in the afternoon, for your first attempt you're allowed one free re-test.

When you pass, it's back downstairs

All I'm going to say now, is go with the flow! First go to desk 12 and hand your paperwork in, after that you will be bounced from desk to desk, getting differen't signatures before finally arriving at desk 19 where they will issue you with your licence, which costs another 10 yuan must use bank card, cannot accept cash


Tips for the day

Allow a full day, when I went the system went down and I had to sit and wait well over an hour. I also failed in the morning and wasn't enough time to re-sit in the morning so went again in the afternoon

Prior, prepartion and planning prevents, piss poor, performance.... Practice the test at I got cocky and failed the first time, you don't want to be dragging your self all the way out there again


If you need a little extra help or this article wasn't clear enough, please feel free to add me on wechat and I would be happy give you advice

wechat: jake_canning


Good luck!


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