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Where I would go on Hainan island - Travel plans for my family coming to visit.

In a couple of weeks, my Mum will be visiting Hainan. Well, coming to visit me in Hainan or at least I hope that's the case and she's not just using me for a holiday here....... just joking! My Mum last visited the island two years ago, and we split the ten-day trip between Haikou and Sanya, mainly visiting restaurants and bars.

I'm now putting together a travel itinerary for the 2019 trip to Hainan, and I thought “why not write a blog?” It may give other people ideas on what to do if they have family coming over to visit or where to go on the island?

The trip I'm going to lay out below is pretty much the itinerary I give people when I get emails and Wechat messages asking “I'm coming to Hainan, where should I go?” So far, I've had excellent feedback from those I have recommended it to. 

So here it is ….. drum rolll …..... 

Haikou 海口> Ri yue wan  日月湾 > Lingshui 陵水> Sanya 三亚


Why these four? 

Having been to them all multiple times, I believe the four destinations above give a good idea of what Hainan is all about, allowing the traveller to experience, local culture, Hainan foods, beach life and more. After living and travelling the island for three years, I also believe them to be some of the most accessible spots to get to using public transport, maximising your time on the island. 


So how many days would I spend at each spot? 

Haikou 3-5 days 

Ri Yue wan 2-3 days 

Lingshui 1 day 

Sanya 3-4 days 

What would I do at each location? 

There's a ton of stuff to do on the island, and at these locations, I'm just going to lay out what I would do and probably what I'll be doing when my family arrive. Also, take into account the general strolling about and exploring and in the evenings we will visit bars and local restaurants. Below are just the main daily activities.

Haikou > Qi Lou old town and food street 1 day > Holiday beach and hot springs one day > Volcano park and Rong tang caves one day > Hainan museum and fish market one day >  Haikou tropical wildlife park one day > a day to relax


Ri Yue wan > Hang around Shaka Surf Club have first surfing class 1 day > Surfing and a walk up to the waterfall one day.


Lingshui > Floating fishing village and monkey island 1 day (the floating village is located just before the cable car to monkey island.


Sanya > The time in Sanya will be spent relaxing and mainly around the Da dong hai 大东海 beach area although we will probably visit Yanoda rainforest in Baoting and the Guanyin of Nanshan (the 108-meter Buddhist statue). 


Having visited all of the above, some of my personal favourites have got to be, Qi Lou old town, hot springs at Holiday beach, fish market, Ri Yue wan, Floating fishing village, da dong hai beach bar. 


Leave a comment below, if there is anything else I can help with. 



Below are some useful links for getting around: 



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