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Last week, I went to visit the Hainan opera on Haidian island. The decision to go was last minute and I wasn't feeling very well that day, but I had to go, for me photographing the Hainan opera has been on my photography bucket list for a while. The Hainan
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  This was originally going to be a forum post although, I think it is better suited to the Tropical Hainan photo corner, purely because of the amount of photo opportunities that are available here. In this post you will see one of Haikous fish marke
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  Todays fishing location     Today I took a ride down the Nandu river in the hopes of spotting some interesting subjects to photograph over the dragon boat festival. Around 10km from the most southern part of Haikou (where I live) lies a dam across Nandu
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  10 tips for better street photos       I have compiled a list of the ten points, of what I wish I knew when I first started taking street photos. The ten points are mainly aimed at beginners starting out and what I have learnt along my journey into
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