In a couple of weeks, my Mum will be visiting Hainan. Well, coming to visit me in Hainan or at least I hope that's the case and she's not just using me for a holiday here....... just joking! My Mum last visited the island two years ago, and we split the te
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Ju Ren Waterfall Hainan 居人瀑布  The Ju ren waterfall is 20 metres high, has a width of around 10 metres and the main pool covers an area of around 300 metres squared. The area has recently been under development, footpaths, viewing platforms and bridges h
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Getting around Hainan - OFO bike's    To the best of my knowledge, the OFO bike's have probably been around China for about 2 years now and they're the yellow bikes that you will see when walking around, there are also, Hello bike and Mo bike, I'm guessing
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Things to do - Plunge pool - Ri yue wan In this blog post, I will show you how to get to the plunge pool/waterfall at Ri yue wan (sun moon bay). If you haven't already been to Ri yue wan, follow the link below for a little information on Ri yue wan and
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