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100 RMB, all-you-can-drink beer!   This Saturday, June 17, 2017 Nianlun Brewhouse is hosting the first-ever Haikou Beer Animal event and an excellent night out in Haikou!   For 100 RMB per person you buy yourself a ticket to an all-you-can-drink extrav
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Hey guys! Just a quick post to let you know that there is a HUGE sale on the Playstation Store from June 9 to June 16! Serious price cuts (up to 50 percent off) on brand new games including: Horizon: Zero Dawn, Battlefield 1, MLB The Show 17, Final Fantas
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Buying digital games both in China and the West can be a big pain if you don't have a credit card. Most recently, I have found out that Sony and Nintendo have stopped accepting payments made with a Visa Debit (ATM) card. Sony goes a step further and actual
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Asia is THE driving force in the thriving Esports scene. With 100,000,000 Korean Won (89, 000 USD) being awarded to winning LOL teams consecutively for the last two years at the KeSPA cup in Korea, it comes as no surprise that this would end up happening:
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Reposted from Forums, as I am now going to run this as a blog. Original text below:   Buying games and consoles in China can, at the best of times, be inconvenient, and at the worst, be a complete nightmare with taobao, jd, or alibaba vendors making dubi
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