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Haikou is quickly being a hot destination for all water sports, especially Kiteboarding.  From December 1-4 China Kiteboard Union came to Haikou to hold their fourth tournament for 2017.  China Kiteboard Unions' Haikou Kiteboarding Open is evidence that ki
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Are you in Haikou and looking for a new hobby or another excuse to go to the beach?  How about going down to West Coast beach and trying out windsurfing; one of the fastest growing sports in China.  You already windsurf?  No problem; West Coast beach is h
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After my race in Wanning I had caught the racing bug and was looking for another race to join.  To my delight, I was immediately informed of a 100km bike race on the morning of Saturday, August 26.  The race would consist of a single 100km loop; ride from
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This will be a quick post  today.  As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I am often asked about nutrition advice.  These questions range from what I should eat to how much to what diet is best.  I'm not a certified nutritionist but I can generally guide pe
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Last Sunday, August the 6th, I took some of my friends/clients down to participate in the Wanning Green Bike and Run Duathlon, well, sort of a duathlon.  First, what is a duathlon?  A duathlon is an athletic endurance event consisting of a run leg, then bi
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In today's modern fitness industry, it seems as if every time we look around we find some new fad, exercise, or expert telling us what to do.    It has become the Industry's job to make fitness so confusing that we feel as though we need some special class
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If you search the Internet you will find 100's of different diets and fads promising you to lose weight.  Some of of these work while some of them don't; however, this is not one of them.  What I want to share are several tips you can start using today to
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One of the great things about living in Haikou is it's parks...and that it's parks are full of all you need for a great workout.  I love to get outside at least once a week to do a  workout outside.  Due to it's sheer size, running track, and sheer amount
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