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Its sweet potato season again here in Hainan and you’ll no doubt be seeing the qiaotou sweet potato everywhere for the next few months, from supermarkets to street markets to vendors roasting and selling them on the streets. This delicious little spud i
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Distinguished Sir/Madam,   As a token of our appreciation and gratitude for the hard work and contributions made by the international community to the development of Haikou as an international city, we are delighted to invite you to take part in a photo
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Travel agents, policies and contact details for Hainan visa free travellers. Hainan's 59 countries visa-free policy has been implemented since May 1st 2018. Approved by the State Council since May 1st 2018, the duration of stay for visa-free entry travel
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Hainan's Spiritual Culture Many things about Hainan are exclusive compared to the rest of China. The noodles, the coconuts, the beaches and of course the beautiful local language of Hainanese. But perhaps the strangest and most thought pro
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  One of the things I love about Hainan is that even after living here for almost eight years I can still jump in the car, drive out of Haikou for an hour or so and discover something I have never seen before. Both Jake Canning and I are pr
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As of June 2017 it is still possible to get a Z visa in Hong Kong.  A couple of things you need to know. You will need a minimum of 2 full days in Hong Kong, You will also need a working permit and a work invitation letter from your employer.  You can u
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Short post this one... from this week ebike laws are to be more strictly enforced.  Violation of the regulations will result in the bike being confiscated and taken to Che Hwun, Meilan District, Lingshan Town and offenders will have to sit through re-educ
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Hainan opera is an integral part of Hainan culture. Its origins, when it began and how it developed however are a little unclear. What is known for sure is that it has been a part of Hainan Island culture going back for at least three hundred years. From t
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