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January 21st Another restless night, it was almost nine when I woke up this morning. Isn’t it strange that you spend your younger ears sleeping alone then when you meet someone, who goes on to share your bed it takes no time at all getting used to it. Yet,
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January 14th Madam was out of the house by quarter past six this morning; she’s joined yet another group of Chinese OAPs. This one is for太極. (Tàijí), known by the Western world as Tai chi. Tai chi is of course one of the martial arts but hopefully Huan is
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January 7th SD card for music finished last night, we now have Chinese, Movie Soundtracks, Brass & Military, and some Gilbert & Sullivan. I can see some high volumes, especially if I am alone in the car. Dash cam work is still in progress. As for m
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January 1st No songs this year, poems instead. “Again I reply to the triple winds running chromatic fifths of derision outside my window: Play louder. You will not succeed. I am bound more to my sentences the more you batter at me to follow you. And the wi
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December 17th “Hopalong Cassidy” is much better this morning although he still didn’t sleep so well. At least he doesn’t have to visit the hospital today which was worrying him a bit last night. Now transitioning from sitting to standing is merely a mite u
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December 1st “December will be magic again, Take a husky to the ice, While Bing Crosby sings White Christmas, He makes you feel nice, December will be magic again, Old Saint Nicholas up the chimney, Just a-popping up in my memory.” (December Will Be Magic
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November 16th We were blessed today with a nice day for walking, sunshine, but not too hot. Giving Huan her choice we set off through the countryside for a nice long walk. I only took two hundred and seventy photos today! However, quite a few of them were
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November 1st “'Cause nothin' lasts forever, Even cold November rain” (November Rain by Guns N’ Roses). It is November, it is raining, again, and it is cold, I’ve even got a T-shirt on! Hopefully it will not last forever. This morning Huan didn’t go to her
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October 1st “October and the trees are stripped bare, Of all they wear, What do I care?” Strange lyrics, they come from a ‘hidden track’, or so I’m told, from the band U2 and the album October. It is October of course, the trees aren’t stripped bare of all
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September 1st “What shall I write? What can I say? How can I tell you how much I miss you? The weather here has been as nice as it can be, Although it doesn't really matter much to me For all the fun I'll have while you're so far away, It might as well rai
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