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August 1st We’ll start with a bit of repetition, it’s Jethro Tull Again, this from the song ‘Stuck In The August Rain’ - “Brings jasmine tea on a painted tray, and bends to kiss my frown away. But I'm still stuck in the August rain; stuck out in the cloudb
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Well, here we are, New Year and all that. I hope it finds you all in the best of health and raring to go!   January 2ndAnother walk, not so fast, my Achilles tendon still playing me up. Still, we live in quite a scenic town really, so always worth a wander
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The first farm we began working with was in Yunnan province.  The name of the farm is Fuyan Farm.  It is in the Hani people's autonomous region and the reason for our company's name.  The farm was started in 1996 by a man named Hu Xi Xiang. Hu was not a fa
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We are a farm direct coffee processor and distributor that helps you experience the whole journey from crop to cup. We want you to see the calloused hands of those who are growing the beans and be warmed by their smiles as they rejoice in the harvest. We w
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