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Alexandro Querevalú has captivated millions of fans with his breathtaking live performance of The Last of the Mohicans. Born in Peru, Alexandro comes from a culture deeply rooted in tradition. He is incredibly skilled at playing a variety of indigenous wind instruments such as the Quena, Quenacho, …
14.12.2019 19:30
Hainan Provincial Song and Dance Theatre, Haikou, China
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This Wednesday, HMP's Overground series takes over the second floor of Haikou's premiere craft brewer, Cheery Brewery. Nestled down a back alley in the heart of Guomao, Cheery is the perfect location to feel the thump of some old school and little-heard hip hop curated by HMP's resident DJs. Beer sp…
10.07.2019 20:00
Cheery Brewery, Haikou, China
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Public Events
Embark on a Mediterranean Journey with us at Terra and enjoy a wide variety of South European and Mediterranean delicacies paired with a large variety of Italian wines. Perfect for sharing, come with friends and family alike and embrace the ambience from Terra Restaurant.   All You Can Eat-Mediterra…
05.01.2019 17:30
Terra, The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou, Haikou, China
From RCHaikou
Savor a delicious and refined lunch at Terra, where we will present you with exquisite rustic Italian cuisine, accompanied by a pleasant ambience. Terra’s lunch A La Carte menu offers farm-to-table Italian cuisine inspired by the different geographical regions. Start on a journey of the senses throu…
04.04.2019 11:00
Terra, The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou, Haikou, China
From RCHaikou
The second edition of the Barça Academy China Cup 2019 is coming to Haikou this July.  The venue for the tournament will be the site of the Barça Academy Pro, which has six football fields operating as a training centre since 2017, and forming part of the FC Barcelona complex in Hainan together wit…
01.07.2019 00:00
The Barça Academy Pro grounds Mission Hills, Haikou, China
From Patrick
2019 Laurel Voice - Duo EurAsia Piano Tour - Hainan Lingshui Performance introduction   In this concert, two artists perform piano solos Musician profile:     Dr. Jure Rozman is an assistant professor at Broward College in Florida and a strong advocate and presenter of Broad School Mu…
01.08.2019 19:30
Agile Sea Art Center, Lingshui, China
From Patrick
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-breaking, award-winning musical CATS comes to Haikou as the tour continues, direct from its sell-out seasons at the London Palladium. Adapted from TS Eliot’s ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’, this “groundbreaking musical” (Daily Express) comes together in a sparkli…
27.09.2019 00:00
Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center Oriental Grand Theatre, Haikou , China
From Patrick
Recognised by The Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful pianist in the world, Clayderman holds an incredible record of 267 Gold and 70 Platinum discs to his credit. To date, Clayderman has accumulated over 1,300 melodies, played more than 1,200 concerts all over the world and clocked…
13.11.2019 19:30
Haikou, Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center Oriental Grand Theatre, Haikou, China
From Patrick

In a couple of weeks, my Mum will be visiting Hainan. Well, coming to visit me in Hainan or at least I hope that's the case and she's not just using me for a holiday here....... just joking! My Mum last visited the island two years ago, and we split the te
Jake-canning 05.07.2019 0 122

June 1st “June is bustin’ out all over!” (Rodgers & Hammerstein). Their song of course was about sunshine and the onset of good weather etc. Well here, it is the rain that is bustin’ out all over. We had just about gone one kilometre from home when it
Unclebob 01.07.2019 0 49

  The evening of June 27th, 王江 exhibited his collection of works over the past few years as part of Hainan Music Productions Visual Artist Series. Attended by a mixture of art lovers from across the world, 王江 treated the crowd to a glimpse into his creati
HainanMusicProductions 28.06.2019 0 247

Hainan Music Productions is proud to present their new residency at A Minor, "House". From the jackin' British Isles to the spiritual sounds of Goa, we'll be travelling around the world to explore what brings us together across cultures, across languages,
HainanMusicProductions 19.06.2019 0 137

We all live on a beautiful island, surrounded by the best beaches China has to offer. It only makes sense that we'd throw a beach party. Thank you to everyone who came, Jake Canning of Tropical Hainan for his awesome photography and video skills, and Budwe
HainanMusicProductions 12.06.2019 0 186

A beautiful sunrise. A pristine ocean view. The beaches of Sanya, China's southernmost city in tropical Hainan, can be picture-perfect, designed for Instagram and the latest WeChat moment. As with many things in China, however, the beauty at first glance
Jesse_Adams 09.06.2019 0 27
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The Hilton Haikou Grill@33
No.109-9 Binhai Avenue, Haikou, Hainan Province, P.R. China 570105
Haikou, Hainan
Phone: +86 898 3679 8888
A luxurious and contemporary restaurant, Grill@33 features elegant décor and a grand staircase that is encased between two impressive wine displays. Indulge in an evening of sophisticated fine dining …
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19.12.2018 · From The_Hilton_Haikou
The Hilton Haikou YUXI Chinese Restaurant
No.109-9 Binhai Avenue, Haikou, Hainan Province, P.R. China 570105
Haikou, Hainan 571100
Phone: +86 898 3679 8888
With a name meaning "the seal belonging to the emperor", Yuxi takes inspiration from the authentic sense of tradition that is so important in Chinese culture and culinary heritage. Enter the dramatic …
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19.12.2018 · From The_Hilton_Haikou
The Hilton Haikou Blu Bar
No.109-9 Binhai Avenue, Haikou, Hainan Province, P.R. China 570105
Haikou, Hainan
Phone: +86 898 3679 8888
Located high on the 55th floor of the hotel, the vibrant BLU Bar showcases a fantastic selection of rum and whiskey, and features live performances in the evening. Relax and enjoy BLU’s unique décor, …
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19.12.2018 · From The_Hilton_Haikou
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¥1000 for 1 Box (12 bottles) For bulk buy, contact Layne please, 13637608178, or Wechat: LeiJin13637608178Available Selections:1) 2016 ShirazGRAPE VARIETYShirazREGIONSouth AustraliaCOLOURDeep redBOUQUETThere is dark berry or blackberry fruit but it is surrounded by lashing of roasted coffee, cedar, spice and chocolate.   2) Dream REGION 100% Clare Valley   COLOUR Dark Red/Black   BOUQUET Our first release of our Cabernet Malbec blend under the London Calling label, hits the mark with …
16.10.2017 From Layne_wine_sales
The origins of traditional Li Minority pottery (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage) date back thousands of years, it's a skill that has been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter. Only women make traditional Li pottery. Each pot is hand made and completely unique. They are decorated with images of Li deities, lucky animals and ornamental symbols. Sap from a local tree is boiled, reduced and splashed over the pot before firing to bring good luck. Only a small number of Li …
02.09.2017 From Traditional_Li_Pottery
Our Chinese coffees are specialty grade and available in light, medium, and dark roasts as well as our signature Espresso Blend. We offer whole bean, ground, or green coffee for those who like to roast their own.  We also offer pour-over singles that are great for traveling.  To see these options and everything else we offer please see our WeChat store. For a discounted price please contact Chris (高可立)at 18689935087 (English or Chinese). You can also contact me via the tropicalhainan.com forum …
14.08.2017 From Hani_Hainan