11 Tips for creating great blogs


01: Title

How important is the title of your blog post? Simply put, very important! The title is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Try to squeeze some of your key topic words in as well, search engines like Google love titles.


02: Write a good introduction. Establish what the blog post will cover, a compelling introduction will keep people reading, you can use bullet points to get your ideas across and can also use them to develop sub-headings.


03: Develop Sub-Headlines. Break your writing into Sub-heads which help create a scanable page and make it easier for people to read on a computer screen and digest the information. (Google loves sub-heads, too).


04: Fill in the Detail. Flesh out your bullet points and/or sub-heads to really bring the point home. Keep yourself on track (rambling is way too easy to do, especially if you feel passionately about something) and keep your readers in mind.


05: Don’t write too little or too much. Only write as many words as it takes and cut the rest, usually at least 300 words and no more than 1000 words.


06: Have a point. Don’t just throw words at your audience.


07: Find a Great Image. Enough said, just make sure it’s your own or royalty free


08: Edit, Proof, Correct, Polish and Revise. Errors in grammar can kill a blogger’s credibility and traffic. Take time to make sure you’re putting out your best work.


09: Don’t measure numbers too early. If you’re obsessing over daily numbers and you’re only a few months into your blogging journey, you’re wasting your time. It’s still too early to pay close attention to numbers.


10: Never underestimate the importance of commenting on other people’s blogs. If you’re not connecting regularly with readers and other bloggers, you’re missing out.


11: Finally


Don’t give up. Bloggers who stick with it ultimately win.


Write as often as possible. Constantly capture ideas and turn them into posts. 


Expect critics. A few people criticising you is a sign you’re doing something right. Be prepared.


Find ways to regularly get inspired. Read other blogs, see what other people are doing, even if it’s on a different topic to your own.


Be generous. Give away information, content, and ideas than you’re knowledgeable with. People will reward you. Link to others, but never let someone pay you to do so.



Happy blogging …

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