2019 Laurel Voices - Chopin 24 Preludes - Qule Piano Concert - Hainan Lingshui

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2019 The Voice of the Laurel - "An Unforgettable" Chopin 24 Preludes - Qu Le Piano Concert


The piano solo concert of this Laurel series will feature Chopin, and the songs will be selected from Chopin's different styles. The first half consisted of a variety of dance, nocturne, and narratives represented by Chopin. The second half is Chopin's most classic 24 preludes.




Friedrich François Chopin, a 19th century Polish composer and pianist






Qu Le graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada. In 2012, he was admitted to the Royal College of Music and received a scholarship. In 2013, he received the Else Cross Brahms Award from the Royal College of Music and received his master's degree in 2014.


Qule has performed many personal performances in Europe, North America, and Asia, and has been specially invited by the Russian Embassy in Japan. As a soloist, he has appeared in Weiner Salle in Salzburg, Duke's Hall at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Chan Center in Vancouver and Qingdao Concert Hall in his hometown. 


As a concerto soloist, Qu Le has performed with the Canadian West Coast Symphony Orchestra and the University of British Columbia Symphony Orchestra and was invited to perform the third concerto with Rachmaninov in Vancouver in 2016. In 2017 to celebrate the establishment of the BC Symphony Orchestra, Qu Le and the teacher Sara Davis Buechner performed the Mozart Double Piano Concerto. At the same time, Qule was invited by American composer Charles Hansen to play Hansen's new work with the California Bellflower Symphony Orchestra.



Since 2016, Qule has joined the World Association of Outstanding Chinese Artists and has participated in the piano competitions established by the Association for two consecutive years. In 2017, Pan Fangfang, president of Qule Assistance Association, successfully launched the US Finals and Piano Master Class Summer Camp at California State University. Since 2018, Qu Le has taught at the Piano Department of the Vancouver Conservatory of Music.



The concert will be held in July of 2019 to cover the five-nation national tour of Sanya, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Hefei.


Track list:

Lower C minor Polish dance music op 26 no 1

Drop C minor waltz op 64 no 2

Four Mazuka Dances op 17

No. 1 Lower B major Vivo e risoluto

No. 2 E minor Lento ma non troppo

No. 3 Lower A major Legato assai

No. 4 A minor, Lento ma non troppo

E minor Et 25 or 5


Nocturne in B major op 9 no 3

Falling A major narrative op 47





Prelude to C minor op 45


24 preludes op 28

No. 1 C major Agitato

No. 2 A minor Lento

No. 3 G major Vivace

No. 4 E minor Largo

No. 5 D major Allegro molto

No. 6 B minor Lento assai

No. 7 A major Andantino

No. 8 liters F minor Molto agitato

No. 9 E major Largo

No. 10 liter C minor Allegro molto

No. 11 B major Vivace

No. 12 liters in the G minor Presto

No. 13 liters F major Lento

No. 14 Lower E minor Allegro

No. 15 Down D major Sostenuto

No. 16 Presto con fuoco in B minor

No. 17 Lower A major Allegretto

No. 18 F minor Allegro molto

No. 19 E-flat major Vivace

No. 20 C minor Largo

No. 21 Cantabile in B major

No. 22 G minor Molto agitato

No. 23 F major Moderato

No. 24 D minor Allegro appassionato

(subject to the actual performance)


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Agile Sea Art Center, Lingshui, China
Date start03.07.2019 19:30
Date end03.07.2019 22:00
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