The 3rd Sanya International Music Festival will be held in Sanya from December 31, 2019 to January 1, 2020 welcoming fans all over the world with its drums and electronic rhythms.

The main stage area of the 3rd Sanya International Music Festival will undergo a comprehensive upgrading with Michael McKesson, MTV, and Grammy's stage designer Tom McPhillips, who joined the Sanya International Music Festival, combining ancient myths with future technological breakthroughs to bring more lively effects to the visual design.

A fireworks show that caters to the New Year's atmosphere will be created by the Huahuo Troupe, combined with Japanese hand-made fireworks and Hunan Liuyang fireworks, with the grand background of mountains, sea and sky.

The 3rd Sanya International Music Festival will begin selling tickets at 11:00 on September 3, and will be sold simultaneously by the ISY official APP, Cat Eye Ticketing and Netease Cloud Music Platform.

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