The origins of traditional Li Minority pottery (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage) date back thousands of years, it's a skill that has been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter. Only women make traditional Li pottery.

Each pot is hand made and completely unique. They are decorated with images of Li deities, lucky animals and ornamental symbols. Sap from a local tree is boiled, reduced and splashed over the pot before firing to bring good luck. Only a small number of Li women still continue on the tradition of pottery making.

Tropicalhainan has partnered with the pottery makers to help sell their pots on the Hainan Forum and raise awareness of this important cultural heritage.

Small pots cost RMB50 and large pots cost RMB100 not including postage. All proceeds go directly to the pottery makers. Contact us at Lipottery@tropicalhainan.com for more information.

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