How to better meet expats' needs for banking and financial services?

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ChronoCloud is working with a major bank in Hainan to discuss the potential of better meeting expats' needs for banking and financial services.

Besides the language barriers, expats often find themselves in a headache when going to local banks due to the lack of information, different procedures for Chinese ID holders and passport holders, etc. With the pace of the Hainan FTP striding forward and the plan that by the year of 2025, one tenth of Hainan population would be non-Chinese nationals, some farsighted bank leaders have seen the urgency to make Hainan banking services more friendly for expats, to make things easier and life more convenient for them!

We need to hear your voice to make the change!
How's your experience dealing with the banks?
What you think the banks could improve on?
Have you encountered any trouble when transferring money or making payments, especially international transactions?

Welcome to make your suggestions about bank services!
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