How should foreign talents handle their children’s enrollment to primary and middle schools?

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Where the immediate families of Class A and B talents apply to study in Hainan’s compulsory education schools, it’s solved according to what's called “one discussion for one case”.

Where Class C, D, and E talents apply for their children’s enrollment to first grade of primary schools and middle schools, the education administrative department of each city and county shall coordinate with them to study in a public school relatively nearby to their place of residence according to the local primary and secondary school enrollment plan and the principle of “examination-free admission to the nearest school”.

Where Class C, D, and E high-level talents apply for a transfer of their children to the non-starting grades of primary
and middle schools, they should apply to the education administration department that handles enrollment of children of talents of the city or county where they live.

The city and county's education administrative department will coordinate them to study in a public school relatively nearby to their place of residence.

The Education Department of Hainan Province

Add: No 9 Guoxing Avenue, 4th floor, the new government office building, Haikou City

Tel: +86-898-65374249

(1) Comprehensive service and policy interpretation consulting unit: Basic Education Division of Provincial Department of Education, Tel: 0898-65232270, 0898-65230370;

(2) Contact unit for matters related to acceptance of application: “One-stop” Service Platform of Provincial Talent Service Center, Tel: 0898-66501217;

(3) Contact unit for middle school enrollment issues: Middle School Enrollment Office of Provincial Examination Bureau, Tel: 0898-65983889;

(4) Contact unit for college entrance examination questions: General Recruitment Office of Provincial Examination Bureau, Tel: 0898-65879021.
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