What policies do foreign talents enjoy in terms of employment placement and guarantee for their spouses?

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Hainan Province includes the spouse of high-level foreign talents into the scope of employment placement and guarantee.

Spouses of foreign talents recognized as high-level talents in Hainan enjoy the corresponding level of treatment.

By holding special job fairs and services, the government aims to help the spouses of high-level foreign talents obtain suitable employment. For those who are not married, the government will also try to arrange suitable jobs according to educational background, qualifications, and working ability.

For those who cannot be employed, the government will grant a certain proportion of living allowance based on the social average wages of the employees in the local area in the previous year.

The employer shall provide proof of the inability of the spouses of foreign talents to work and apply to the local talent service “one-stop” platform.

After the initial verification of the “one-stop” platform, local human resources development agency issues allowance according to domestic talent spouse's approval and issuance channels and standards.
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