What are the preferential policies for talents to buy cars?

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The Implementation Measures for High-level Talents in Hainan Province to Apply for Passenger Car Quotas (Trial), Supplementary Notice on Further Improving Talent Policy, and other documents all clarify the relevant regulations on car purchases for talents.

Regardless of nationality, as long as the relevant conditions are met, talents can enjoy the corresponding car purchase policy. The quotas are mainly divided into the following seven types:

(1) Class A, B, C, and D talents can directly obtain additional quotas for passenger cars;

(2) Class A and B talents can directly receive additional quotas for passenger cars upon certification;

(3) Class E talents can obtain the incremental quotas of new energy passenger cars;

(4) Qualified Class C and D talents can obtain incremental quota of new energy passenger cars;

(5) All kinds of talents can apply for the purchase of new energy passenger cars by referring to the car purchase conditions of residents in Hainan;

(6) Urgently needed talents who have actually been introduced and worked in Hainan but have not yet settled can purchase cars regarding the same conditions as residents ;

(7) All types of high-level talents, whose employment term is more than three years and service term in Hainan has been more than one year, can enjoy the same treatment as local residents in terms of car purchase upon certification.
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