What are the departments specifically responsible for handling work permits related matters? Address & telephone numbers

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The unit registration offices are located in Haikou, Sanya, Danzhou and Yangpu Economic Development Zone, so each area's administration
foreign experts affairs office has jurisdiction and is responsible for approval;

Hainan Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs is responsible for the approval of units from cities and counties other than Haikou, Sanya, Danzhou, Yangpu Economic Development Zone.

The specific address and hotline are as follows:

(1) Hainan Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs:
2-24 Approval Backstage, 2F, Government Service Center, No.3, Wuzhishan South Road, Haikou, Tel:0898-65326830.

(2) Haikou Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs: A21-23 Foreigners Integrated Service Windows of Government Service, 1F, Citizens and Visitors Center, No. 1, Binhai ParkRoad, Haikou, Tel:0898-66750650.

(3) Sanya Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs: 11F, Government No.2 Office, No. 145, Wenming Road, Sanya, Tel:0898-88263681.

(4) Danzhou Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs: Room 0712, Municipal Party Committee Building, Zhongxing Road, Nada Town, Danzhou, Tel:0898-23339796.

(5) Yangpu Economic Development Zone: No. 83 Window, 4F, Government Service Center, No. 8, Yantian Road, Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Tel:0898-28829876.

Currently, Hainan has delegated pre-approval rights to essential parks, such as the Hainan Ecological Software Park, Fuxing City Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, Boao Lecheng pilot zone of international medical tourism, and Yazhou Bay Tech City.

For employers registered in the above parks, the applicants can apply directly.
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