Catalogue of Encouraged Industries in Hainan Free Trade Port (2020 Edition)

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Catalogue of Encouraged Industries in Hainan Free Trade Port (2020 Edition)

The Catalogue of Encouraged Industries in Hainan Free Trade Port (2020 Edition) (hereinafter referred to as the "Catalogue") is formulated in combination with the actual situation of Hainan Province to implement the requirements of the Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and accelerate the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

The Catalogue consists of two parts: encouraged industries in the existing national catalogue of industries, and newly added encouraged industries in Hainan Free Trade Port.

The Catalogue shall apply to enterprises engaged in production and operation activities in Hainan Free Trade Port, among which foreign-invested enterprises shall be governed by the Catalogue of Encouraged Industries for Foreign Investments (2019 Edition).

The Catalogue shall enter into force as of January 1, 2020 and shall remain in effect until December 31, 2024. The Catalogue is subject to revisions in due time according to the construction needs of Hainan Free Trade Port.

I. Encouraged Industries in the Existing National Catalogue of Industries

(I) Encouraged industries in the Catalogue for Guiding Industry Restructuring (2019 Edition) (Order of the National Development and Reform Commission [2019] No.29).

(II) Industries in the Catalogue of Encouraged Industries for Foreign Investments (2019 Edition) (Order of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce [2019] No.27).

If there is any revision to the above catalogues, the latest version shall apply.

II. Newly Added Encouraged Industries in Hainan Free Trade Port

(I) Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, and Fishery

1. Construction and operation of the quality assurance system for aquatic products

2. Construction of tropical economic forest bases

3. Protection and sustainable utilization of animal and plant medicinal materials (except for those included in the restricted and eliminated categories under the Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Restructuring (2019 Edition))

(II) Manufacturing

4. Demonstration application of far-reaching marine breeding, processing industry, and equipment

5. Processing of deep-sea fish oil, protein powder, chitin extraction, and other aquatic products

6. Deep processing and manufacturing of imported foods such as wine, beef and mutton, milk, frozen products, and edible bird's nests

7. Deep processing of tropical agricultural and forestry products

8. Production of medicines and cosmetics by imported raw materials, and deep processing and manufacturing of imported agricultural and forestry products (except for those commodities subject to quota-based management by the State)

9. Production of machine-made sand (integrated production of machine-made sand from stone materials with an annual capacity of 1 million cubic meters or more)

10. Sea sand desalination (integrated production of seawater desalination and sea sand desalination, and sea sand desalination production with an annual capacity of 3 million cubic meters or above)

11. Research and development, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and supporting industries of yachts and cruise ships, and research and development and construction of new energy and clean energy power vessels

12. Modulation and application of low-sulfur oil and biomass oil

13. Research and development and application of biomass materials

14. Deep processing of organic chemical raw materials produced in the built medium or large or newly-built large oil refining, ethylene, aromatic, natural gas chemical production plants (except for those included in the restricted and eliminated categories under the Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Restructuring (2019 Edition))

15. Development and production of cosmetics (with mercury content not exceeding one in a million)

16. Manufacturing of new energy vehicles (subject to the Administrative Provisions on Investment in the Automobile Industry, etc.)

17. Manufacturing of motorcycles and important parts and components

18. Development and production of teaching aids and instruments

19. Protective environment-friendly building and marine coatings

20. Research and development and manufacturing of equipment applying renewable marine energy

21. Research and application of aerospace food, aerospace biological medicine, and aerospace medical science

22. Research, development, and application of long-range search and rescue equipment and technology

23. Research and development and manufacturing of special dry-type transformers, reactors, converters, reactive power compensation and complete power sets and ultrafiltration membrane water purification equipment

24. Design, processing, and production of traditional handicrafts

25. Research and development and production of medical instruments and equipment and devices with independent intellectual property rights

26. Manufacturing of precise manipulators, mechanical clocks and parts and components, and intelligent watches and parts and components

27. Processing of precious jade and mosaic manufacturing of jewelry

28. Research and development, manufacturing, inspection, repair, sales, and supporting industries related to oil exploration, development and production of offshore oil

29. Research and development, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and other operational services for aviation aircraft, aviation engines, and aviation airborne products and supporting industries thereof

30. Research and development, manufacturing, maintenance and repair of spacecraft and its ground facilities, and exploration and application of space resources

(III) Construction Industry

31. Construction and maintenance of ports

32. Construction and maintenance of coastal deep water channels, breakwaters and inland waterways, and navigable buildings

33. Connectivity of the water system of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs and comprehensive remediation project of rural water systems

34. Construction and maintenance of submarine optical cables

35. Construction and maintenance of coastal public anchorages

36. Construction of biodiversity conservation projects

37. Marine environment governance, ecological restoration, and construction of ecological demonstration projects

38. Construction of outdoor sports infrastructure such as sports craft wharves

39. Research and development, production and demonstration projects for the integrated application of renewable energy buildings

40. Marine oil and gas projects

(IV) Wholesale and Retail

41. Construction of trade marketing center for agricultural and forestry products

42. Construction and information technology-based transformation of brand experience stores, direct selling brand shopping malls, chain stores, catalog stores, theme malls, large comprehensive wholesale markets, professional commodity wholesale markets and other commercial and trade facilities, non-border retail platforms, and technology research and development

43. Series of services for entry of agricultural and forestry products into supermarkets

44. Block commodity trade (except for those commodities subject to quota-based management by the State)

45. Trade brokerage, agency and services

46. New offshore international trade

47. International trade in the seed industry

48. Construction and operation of auction companies

(V) Transport, Warehousing, and Postal Industries

49. Road transport of passengers, cruise, yacht, pleasure-boat industries and services

50. Railway transport of passengers and cargo, combined transport by railway and water, passenger and cargo transport by Yuehai wheel ferries, and transport of express mail by high-speed railways

51. Logistics collection and distribution centers for agricultural, forestry and fishery products, food and medicine warehousing and fresh-keeping cold chains

52. Ship registration, management, maintenance, repair, inspection and testing and related services, cruise and international shipping, aircraft material supply business, marine fuel and natural gas, marine products, material supply and other ship supply, shipping and aviation bonded fuel and bonded LNG refueling services

53. Water freight transportation and auxiliary business, port handling, storage, warehousing, tally business, underwriting business, and cruise port and transportation business

54. International shipless carrier business

55. International delivery logistics

56. International cargo services by air

57. International route hanging, container transit business, container dismantling, and less than container load

58. International aircraft and aviation logistics, trading markets and derivative business

59. Short-distance navigation

60. Research and development and operation and management of global collection and distribution systems

61. International freight forwarding, ship agency, customs declaration, inspection, and other related agency business

62. Integrated services such as warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding, ship agency, sorting, packaging, loading and unloading, sorting, handling, circulation and processing, distribution, reverse logistics, and information processing

(VI) Accommodation and Catering Services

63. Hotels, featured small and medium-sized family hotels, and rural homestay

64. Development and promotion of various types of shared residence products such as timeshare vacation, online leasing, and house sharing

65. Special catering branding construction and chain operation

(VII) Information Transmission, Software, and Information Technology Services

66. 5G and 6G technology development and commercial application

67. Research and development and application of basic hardware and software for universal or high-end universal processors, memory and operating systems, databases, etc.

68. Research and development and application of testing and verification tools for software and hardware products

69. Internet information services

70. Internet platforms

71. E-commerce (including cross-border e-commerce)

72. Industrial software

73. Open source software communities

74. Development and application of quantum information technology

75. Research and development, testing and application of vehicle networking and automatic driving technology

76. Beidou satellite navigation application

77. Construction of online electronic competitive service platforms

78. Development and manufacturing of biochips and related data accessing and processing equipment

79. Research and development and application of network and data security technology products, and network and data security services

80. Determination, registration and transaction technology and method application for data asset ownerships

81. Production, distribution, and trading of animation and games and development of derivatives

(VIII) Financial Industry

82. Financial intermediary services such as personal credit investigation, corporate credit investigation, credit ratings, and credit enhancement

83. Financial information, financial data and other financial information services

84. Construction of the two-way open cross-border investment and financing service system

85. Construction of International energy, shipping, bulk commodities, property rights, equity and other international spot trading venues, international spot clearing houses and international intellectual property exchanges

86. Trading, financing, clearing (settlement), delivery (closing), risk management, information services and other related services for spot commodities (including warehouse receipts), insurance policies, price (indexes) and related off-site derivative products

87. Petty-loan financial services for "agriculture, farmers and rural areas," small and micro enterprises, small and micro business owners, and individual businesses

88. Financial services related to shipping

89. Research and development, application and service output of financial science products of institutions established upon approval and under the supervision by financial administrations

90. Life insurance, reinsurance, mutual insurance, captive insurance, and insurance intermediary business

(IX) Leasing and Commercial Services

91. Shipping arbitration, shipping brokerage, shipping consulting, marine loss adjustment, shipping trade, shipping information services, crew services, maritime training, ship trade, ship leasing and other shipping services

92. Exhibition services, and quality inspection and technical services

93. Trade, design and processing technology and related services for the consumer boutique such as diamonds, jewelry, gold and silver and other metal jewelry

94. Cultivation of professional social organizations and talent intermediary service agencies, and the construction of the socialized service system for small and medium-sized enterprises

95. Regional headquarters of multinational companies

96. Investment, construction and operation of international exhibition facilities

97. Digital transformation services for enterprises

98. Service outsourcing

99. Offshore oil exploration, development, and production related equipment and instruments, and property leasing

(X) Scientific Research and Technical Services

100. Promotion and application of standards for traditional Chinese medicine services and intellectual property rights

101. Construction and operation of the inspection and quarantine and biotechnology development and supervision system of the seed industry

102. Construction of far-reaching marine service guarantee bases

103. Intelligent ocean and ocean information services

104. Commercial space launch as well as commercial satellite measurement and control services

105. Aviation personnel training, aerospace science popularization, and aerospace literature

106. Construction of the scientific and technological service system, and construction and operation of science and technology popularization facilities

107. Construction and operation of scientific research institutions or bases at home and abroad and their branches and international scientific and technological innovation institutions

108. Construction and operation of resource libraries (atheneums or centers) and scientific data centers

109. Construction of animal and plant genetic engineering and gene libraries

110. Industrial design services

111. Construction of trademarks and brands of agricultural and forestry products

112. International trade in intellectual property rights (copyright)

113. Research and development and technical services related to exploration, development and production of offshore oil

(XI) Water Conservancy, Environmental, and Public Facilities Management Industries

114. construction of green ports, ship LNG filling at ports, shore power standards and the supply service system, shore power transformation and construction at ports and on ships, and development and application of new energy and clean energy technology for ships at ports

115. Construction of rescue and salvage bases and rescue flight bases, training for rescue and salvage personnel, and intelligent shipping testing and demonstration

116. Research and development and industrialization of core energy conservation and environmental protection technology processes such as water conservation, low carbon circulation, pollution control and emission reduction, and monitoring and supervision processes, and complete sets

117. Development of energy conservation and environmental protection technology and products, engineering design and construction and operation of energy conservation and environmental protection projects, and energy conservation diagnosis and environmental monitoring and consulting services

118. Gas cogeneration

119. Investment in and operation of direct power supply, energy storage, hydrogen energy, and LNG transit stations

(XII) Education

120. Higher education

121. International education

122. Vocational skills training, physical school and sports training, and culture and arts training

(XIII) Health and Social Work

123. Health services such as high-end professional medical care, rehabilitation, and nursing

124. Third-party medical testing and other intermediary services and institutions, and evaluation of medical quality and medical service capacity

125. Application of high-end medical equipment and new medicines

126. Trade in services for traditional Chinese medicine

127. Medical services for regenerative medicine

128. Research, diagnosis and prevention of tropical diseases

129. Operation of medical institutions

130. Trading platforms for green and high-quality medicinal materials and characteristic health products

131. Manufacturing of advanced and applicable complete sets of pharmaceutical and biological preparations

(XIV) Cultural, Sports, and Entertainment Industries

132. Cultural relics protection and utilization and related services, and cultural relics auction business

133. Construction of publications display, trading and distribution outlets (physical bookstores)

134. International artwork display, trading and auction

135. Smart sports and e-sports

136. Cultural trade, exchange and cooperation

137. Travel agencies and tourism agency services

138. Culture and tourism promotion and destination marketing

139. Online tourism services

140. Leisure fishery

141. Performance brokerage services, and operation of performance and entertainment venues

142. Traditional Chinese medicine health tourism bases, forest conservation bases, forest experience bases, national forest walkways, self-driving camps (including house cars), business camps, and agricultural and forestry tourism scenic spots

143. Tourism communities, tourism resorts, theme parks, scenic spots construction, historical and cultural blocks, and tourism performances with the concept of hotel, office, park, shopping mall, convention and apartment (HOPSCA)

(All information in this document is authentic in Chinese. English is provided for reference only. In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

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